no sense
or essence
open through
singing air
or clasping breath
when found by
the veiled eye

once upon a moon
a long, long time below
there i wasn't

covered from arm to arm
in front of myself
i cast no shadow

underneath the waves
i could lick the flames
of yesterday's tomorrows

paths shape
and take shape

see a story in a face
think a hundred steps ahead
only to forget
the one that came next
glide across
this sprawl of city streets

where is this going?

in a word?

a quick shrug of the brow
forget it ever happened

mom always told me
pick up your feet, and
tomorrow's another day

dad always told me
if something's worth doing,
it's worth doing right

in space,
we are the fish

i blink and another moment passes
i blink and it has all moved on
i blink and it's all the same
i blink and it's all changed
i blink and then i blink again

i stare and hold the moment
i stare and it all moves with me
i stare and it's all fusing
i stare and it's all crumbling
i stare and then i blink again

when we fight against
what we want the most

we reach out close
but it's in the dark

we are masters
of our own fate
and no one else's
by design

anything in contradiction
destructive forces

never wrong
about anything
but always wrong
about everything

what i see is what i know
and what i know is where i'll be
and where i'll be is by your side
by your side rise with the tide

fight for the idea?
or fight for the opportunity to defend the idea?

the new world
is always brave

lower your conscious pressure to expand the mind

from the church
of progress

a Brooklyn patch of green
ambient salsa music
dog barks, dribbled basketballs
some fucking marching band goes by
wanting quiet
in an unquiet place
i stretch my neck
head tilting back
letting the sun soak
i think if i get the right angle
maybe it will swallow me and take me home
but it's only hot skin
and none of the day's questions really answered

the only way
a time-bound
connected system
can function
with purpose
is to stay in
constant motion

we are already

the cauldron of chaotic
energies and signs
is a forging process
ahead of new creativity

why follow?
we can lead together

NY is the
12 different hands
on a subway pole



settle for half-right

settle for half, right?

conversations with myself
(no stranger to)

the come down
is a let down

how far
do you have to walk
down this road
before you see
where it leads?

a step too far

practice love

for us beings of time
for better or worse
changes are always additive

i ask, who have you been?
who will you be?
how close will you get?

there are days
when i was in her dreams
there are days
when i was not

the difference
can be subtle
but i'd rather
be in my element
than in my head

writing about
what i know
trying all along
to remember
i know nothing


it bothers me
that my music
knows how i feel

it was the worst
of everything
but it was the best
of me

borrowed synths
borrowed records
and borrowed time

borrowed friends
borrowed bud
and borrowed lime

halftime of the dreamtime
downtime in the daytime
lifetime of anytime
primetime for sublime
sometimes realtime
summertime suppertime

what's that thing
where other people do it
then you reflexively
do it too?

i am you
as you are me

who you become
is who you are

the complete self
stays a mystery

offer your white box
i'll climb in
just to burn it down
around me
and show you
there are no bounds
to a soul in search

use this
think that
do this
be that

no question
can ask
and no answer
can tell

the purpose
chases the energy
it supplants

hate makes you turn on others
fear makes you turn on yourself

today is
a wonderful day
for me

there will never
be another one
like it

harmony vs. reason
balance vs. order
universality vs. specificity
reality vs. rationality
simple in its complexity vs. complex in its simplicity

dark matter
is the mass
of consciousness

apps and services
should lose points
for keeping your
attention too long

i'm a natural

could contextual insight
on interneurons emerge
from this soup
of action potentialed?

nothing comes to mind

about sweet love...

silence's ability
to convey more
than any words ever could
is a natural constant

confidence and humility
are partners in the same dance

put it in the garden
see what grows gets about
360,000 visitors per year
from address type-ins

the New Yorker in me

survive today to build tomorrow
build today to survive tomorrow

design a new
pasta shape!

through memory
i am in you

a day
is not a day

i see you
in all your glory
and i love you
that is all

allow yourself
to look
then allow yourself
to see

da Vinci

is a lagging indicator
of changes
truly needed

gyroscopic planetarium

water elevator

collect all footage
of people

exists at the literal
heart of a thing

capsule for experience swapping

a good flow
is the result of
pairing timing
and intention

leeches forward

Lagrangian points form
the intersections of the
invisible mesh of
cosmic gravitational energy -
naturally adjusting to remain
zero-sum points of balance

ask kindly
for someone's

people with subscriptions
don't enjoy when you
mistake them for prescriptions,
but people with prescriptions
do enjoy when you
mistake them for subscriptions

kids tell you secrets
worth knowing -
listen closely

that man
makes leaving a room
an art form

being around each other
is like looking in a mirror
when you didn't mean to

yetis are more alpine
and above the frost line,
whereas bigfoot
is more deciduous

less denial
and more admission
is a practice of
soul access

there is a frontier of thought,
a type of no-man's-land
between the opposition
and the indifferent

try crying about it

be kind
to your mind

it takes courage
to know you are right
even when you are wrong,
it takes wisdom
to know you are wrong
even when you are right

harsh vs. gentle
unpleasant vs. pleasant
malevolent vs. benevolent
agony vs. bliss
a story vs. the story

in The Matrix,
what they call the "real world"
is what we call the mind

is more easily seen
in retrospect

are no
false reality
their apps
and information

truth will repeat itself
passion will keep listening
purpose will answer its call

it's ok to be
what you never thought
you could be

it's also ok to be
what you thought
you never could be

welcome back
from the
other side

guerrilla leveler

what happens when
everyone stops
apologizing for
the inconvenience?

déjà vu

what is IT?
i am IT?
IT is me?

there is no battle,
only opposing entanglement

hindering our ability
to see the traces of
our cosmic family
is a real threat

shared reality
is not binary

intention affects perception

admitting things
to yourself
about yourself
invites harmony

light vs. dark
invite vs. pull
love vs. wickedness
given vs. taken
free vs. coerced

our experience
is an ever-unbalanced equation
of effort and rest

the perpetual

play with the rules

they are never real

seize the opportunities
to raise others up,
wherever they may be

slow down
to sync up

to understand time dilation,
wait a minute

dogs reveal
the energy of a place

ayahuasca gave her
diamond skin

i came to see
what is to be unseen

i've found my god
and it's exactly
what i thought it'd be

base reality
the ocean of uncertainty
the inertial frame of reference
the inoperable space
of our unbuilt environment

the piggishly pious
are a pestiferous people
with a pestilential poison

be uselessly useful
and usefully useless

when the time comes,
there is a good chance
"fuck" will be the last
word ever spoken

the united heart and mind
beckon one another
in the physical

using a mirror,
attempt to look inside the pupil
of the reflection of yourself
looking into your own pupil -
be soft in the eye
and allow it to adjust to the task

i will look
for the both of us

i can feel the echo
of you
in me

when i listen long enough,
she tells me all her secrets

miracles are those quantum moments
of supreme energetic confluence

time passes through us
we do not pass through time

life force is the stationary existence,
our incumbent infinity

i am caught in the wind of the arc
tethered for now
to a mast beneath light

was i fair?
was i beautiful?

live at odds, love at evens

peace is the gaseous state of kindness

awareness through participatory
subversion has style,
and style has staying power

culture is led by dreams,
and paced by fear

expect evolution
and evolution will expect you

the internet is a window,
the digital reckoning of our primal forces will continue

hug all the way through to your fingertips

our anthropoetic wiring
slowly envelops us like vines

natural states permit natural fates

sloppy tastes good

fluidity is the framework

just close your eyes
where the sun rises
while it sets

a brief something
amidst eternal nothing

that brief visual anomaly
that familiar pattern
that rush of sound to be decoded
that reminder on your tongue
and the scent pulled in
helped you feel
a type of place
in a type of way

the simple evolutionary twist
of our inward optic projection
instigates the buffer
by which we create

our ability to access alternate states of consciousness
allows us to accord with “the way things are” from perspectives
alien to the dominant visual reproduction of light our mind is accustomed to,
but at the same time akin to its source

light contains the totality of available information
and our minds synthesize its presence according to our current state of consciousness

error: smooth path ahead,
this loop has already been run

here may we seek clarity of choice before definition of result
let us consider the refraction of our layers of abstraction
and discover anew - while possibility persists the heart consists

kiss me more slowly than the mountains grow and the moon recedes

in the middle
there are equal parts
sameness and uniqueness;
we all begin life here

like finding a swing in the woods

the error probability in quantum calculations is randomness

the angels are in the details

i'll think
i wish i could have laughed
even more